• This Might Be Good (2000)

This Might Be Good (2000)

A festival is a concentration of hope. Audiences hungering for something startingly new, famously familiar or just plain "good". Actors hoping their well-conceived sincerity and ritual entrances have that special glow. Press and critics poised to love or hate lucidly. And proud, desperate filmmakers looking for that little blessing on their latest self-projection. All squeezing together for a few days, in a few rooms wondering whether this will truly be the perfect place at the perfect time. Of course, it rarely is. Mostly it's just a collection of almosts. Delicious, shared almosts.

Director Patricia Rozema

Script: Patricia Rozema

Cinematography: Andre Pienaar

Cast: Sarah Polley, Don McKellar, Fides Krucker, Mark McKinney