• Passion: A Letter in 16mm (1985)

Passion: A Letter in 16mm (1985)

The film takes the form of an extremely intimate 'Letter in 16mm' from Anna (Linda Griffiths), normally a documentary filmmaker, to her unidentified lover. From the first 'exquisite ache' of romantic passion to her final drunken and solitary 'dance with success', Anna struggles with an all-too-prevalent problem in this achievement-oriented age: Is it possible to balance a passion for excellence with a passion for intimacy? Are obsessions mutually exclusive?

Director: Patricia Rozema

Script: Patricia Rozema

Cinematography: Peter Mettler

Cast: Linda Griffiths

Producer: Patricia Rozema

Music: John Switzer, Jane Siberry, Dalbello & Josquin Despr├Ęs